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Join the Digital Health Network of Walgreens Health

Expand the reach of your program of health offerings with Walgreens Health.

What are the benefits?

By joining the Digital Health Network of Walgreens Health, we make it easier for your ideal customers to discover you and to receive payments based on the impact you deliver.

Diverse member base

We provide access to a diverse user base and match your programs to their healthcare needs.

Streamlined value-based care

Embedded outcome-tracking engine lets you easily demonstrate value of care to payers.

Personalized performance insights

Surface insights on your user engagement, experience and outcomes to help improve your program.


How does it work?


Create a Walgreens Health account to onboard onto our platform.


Integrate your data easily with support from our expert team.

Get Matched

Get matched with the best consumers for your program.


Track how your program is improving your consumers' health outcomes.

Is my program the right fit?

My program is rooted in clinical guidelines for delivering positive health outcomes.

I have visibility into the health outcomes for consumers who participate in my programs.

My program/company has the capability for customers to sign up digitally.